About Us

24-7 International is a leader in travel goods manufacturing and marketing throughout the world.

Impak Luggage Company initially started as a US-based trading company in 1989 and began an aggressive strategic alliance to vertically integrate manufacturing operations to support branded and private label programs with world wide distribution. The company set up a factory base in Hang Zhou and Ning Bo, China. These modern manufacturing facilities established the company’s dominance in quality control, costing and speed-to-market in the travel goods industry. As a result, the company began manufacturing private label programs for most national and regional retailers, together with several independent importers that distributed to all retail channels of distribution.

In 2004 the company acquired 24-7 International LLC; which was a start-up importer and wholesaler whose primary objective was to design, sell and merchandise luggage and travel accessories under several licensed brands. The integration of vertical manufacturing together with designer-brand licenses, proprietary brands, and strong business alliances with retailers in all channels of distribution, have facilitated explosive growth for 24-7 International LLC as an integral and visible player in the industry. Today, no other company in the travel goods industry can match the integrated level of sourcing, design, product development, brand management, distribution and service. Our range of products spans the continuum from promotional private label programs, proprietary brands, fashion & celebrity branded product, to the ultimate in performance and luxury products under the Pathfinder and Andiamo luggage brands.