We will deliver superior returns to our stakeholders by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities while continually improving our profitability, social responsibility, sustainable business practices, and ethical behavior that is watched and can be emulated as a model of success as we decrease our carbon footprint for generations to come.

As a leading innovator in the travel goods industry, 24-7 International approaches business with a forward-looking commitment to the world in which we live and explore. We view sustainability as an investment in the current and future generations on whom our business focuses. Our strategic approach to sustainability, inspires the company to make continuous improvement through three related platforms:
Design it with the end in mind,
Make it with eco-efficiencies
Live it with personal commitment

24-7 International Sustainable Sourcing Principles

24-7 International is committed to advancing the use of sustainably-sourced materials in our products. We strive to implement these fundamental principles to guide our efforts and maximize, to the extent feasible, the use of post-consumer recycled content and sustainable fiber.

1.    Maximize post-consumer recycled content where possible, while maintaining packaging and product integrity and compliance with applicable laws        and regulations.

2.    Avoid fiber from controversial sources, by ensuring that fiber source origin is known and traceable.

3.    Adopt and periodically refine procedures designed to ensure that our sourcing practices are developed and implemented in accordance with these        principles.

4.    Establish specific goals to measure our progress.

Through these principles we seek to do our part to promote sustainable forestry practices and to communicate with our stakeholders about the journey on which we have embarked.

Solar Energy at 24-7 International: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

In 2014 24-7 International installed a 181.79KW Solar Photovoltaic System, consisting of seven hundred forty two, 245 Watt panels that are expected to generate 198,075 kWh annually at our Headquarters in Pine Brook, NJ, exemplifying the 24-7 International commitment to environmental health and sustainability.

Based on standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of solar energy 24-7 International's system will produce annually is enough to power 85 homes or offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced by 150 passenger vehicles. 24-7 International takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen very seriously and is constantly exploring new ways to protect the Earth's natural environment. Striving to create products and conduct business practices with the future of the planet in mind – 24-7 International aims to lower its carbon footprint and reduce dependencies on fossil fuels to ensure a sustainable planet for future generations.