The 24-7 design team continues to set the standard for innovative product design and development with innovative, patented designs that improve every day lives and enhance travel experiences.

Pullman Style Duffle Bag

This patented design has become a standard for many distribution channels. Perfect for summer camp, back to campus, or general travel use, this is a utilitarian bag that stays relevant in your luggage assortment.

Composite Handle for Portable Bags

Dual carry handles have become ubiquitous on travel carry bags. Lucas luggage was the first to market with a patented design that has become the standard on every tote and carry-all.

Auto Expand System

The auto-expand system comprises of an upper frame, a lower frame, an expandable section attached between the upper and lower frames, and expansion mechanisms. It is created to allow the user to adjust the volume of luggage to intermediate volumes depending on the person's travel needs, provide support, and is not prone to break when strong external forces are exerted on luggage.

Rigid Travel Bag Interior

Conventional rolling travel bags usually employ steel or heavily reinforced plastic for the rigid frame. However, the heavy frame structure of conventional travel bags adds substantially to the overall size and weight of the bag while reducing its internal storage capacity. This design provides rigid frame travel bags equipped with wheels and retractable pull handles which exhibit strength and durability without sacrificing storage volume or increasing the net weight of the bag.